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This video will show you our eBook marketing system, what it is and how it works. The system is far more than the one eBook you may have just downloaded. In fact it is an entire marketing system with back office tracking, capture page system, multiple eBooks, and integrated websites all designed to target various niche markets. The system is designed to expand into marketing any product or service using the same basic compensation principles.

What are eBooks? They were developed many years ago to present information to specific markets. They can range from a simple flier to complete stories as found on Click Bank or Amazon. Most eBooks are designed so you can modify part of the content, usually links to your personal or business website. Many offer resell rights or branding where you can make a commission by selling the information to others. Originally, the software was complex but today most are some form of PDF or standard word processed document with automated programming features.

Our software has various levels of branding. As example, the eBook you just downloaded from this site can be branded for FREE with your name and email on the cover. You can use this eBook as an incentive gift to give someone, if they perform some action such as giving you their name and email.

If you register in our program, you can code the eBook to your ID before giving the eBook away. Now if anyone wants to advertise in the eBook or purchase the marketing system, you will get credit, if they purchase from your link on the bottom of any page in the eBook. Even for FREE you will now have a capture system with name and email for everyone who registers using your link on the bottom of any page or from any of our corresponding websites.

If you purchase our system, you can direct your advertising to any website from the top of every page in the eBook. In fact, for the simple $30 pledge you have access to other eBooks and you can change the advertising in each of the eBooks as often as you desire. See the “Download” link above.

Not only can you brand YOUR business, but you can brand many businesses, and with proper marketing, you can and should brand other businesses. As example, you might know a nutrition doctor and you could brand the name, email and website of the doctor into the Beta Hydroxybutyrate eBook. You can make a small sign with a link to the eBook sign and have the doctor post the eBook in the office for their patients.

Anyone reading the doctor’s eBook will have YOUR link to our business on the bottom of every page. Anyone re-branding the doctors eBook for free will be passing your link around on the bottom of every page, and the ad at the top of every page will default back to YOUR advertising. If they purchase the eBook advertising or system, you will receive the pledges. You also receive the benefit of others passing and re-branding the eBook with their information, and build a potential pledge income as others purchase the advertising from our matching pledge system.

You might convince the doctor to purchase their own advertising in order to increase their financial income from their own patients. The doctor might make more in pledges than they do from medicine kickbacks.

As another example, you might use our Circulating Currency eBook which teaches all you need to know about bitcoin. You could brand it for a merchant such as a pizza store with their name, email and website. Then tell them the eBook will show them how to take bitcoin for pizza. Make a flier that has a picture of the Circulating Currency eBook that says, “We take bitcoin. Come inside and get a free copy of the eBook.” Also the flier should have a QR-Code that links to the pizza store download of the eBook with their advertising on the top of every page and YOUR business link on the bottom of every page. (The eBook has the flier and tells you how to create the QR-Code.)

Next show the pizza owner how to create pledges from another state when their customer goes back home, reads the eBook and decides to buy advertising. Show the owner the potential video and let them know they need to buy the advertising in order to have their business link on the bottom of every page to create pledge income.

Do not worry about losing the sales from the pizza store. You will match 50% of the pizza store pledge income and 50% of all their customers’ pledge income who decide to use our business system too.

Once you pledge for the system, re-branding is easy. Just click the “Change Ad” button above, and enter your ID and password you created when registering in our system. Next, if paid, you will be directed to a web page to update your advertising.

Share the system with everyone you know and do not know. It is pretty easy. Just give away the eBooks branded with your information. Once they show interest, let them know all about the rest of the system.

Finally, duplicate your effort. You can make unlimited pledges just by selling the advertising, but you make a LOT more, if you teach and help others to understand the system.


The Product - The initial product is a $35 a month marketing system which includes the eBook advertising with a lifetime purchase of an additional $350 which will include a Bonus Crypto Patent. Optionally, we want individuals to join the Pledge Distribution Formula and OPTIONALLY Pledge $10 to the company and Pledge $20 in bitcoin directly to the coupon provider to waive the first month $35 marketing system. After the initial pledge, each $32 in pledges to three combined projects will waive another $35 monthly fee. When the individual pledges to the company an additional $100 and Pledges $200 in bitcoin directly to the coupon provider, the $35 marketing system will be waived for the life of the program and they will receive a bonus credit for a $350 basic MyCryptoPatent.

Pledges - Pledges are made direct from one individual directly to up to three projects, sent currently in bitcoin. The company software determines which projects to direct the pledges to by opening a channel between the sender and receiver according to the Pledge Distribution Formula. The Pledge stays in the original bitcoin address of the sender on the blockchain until a receiver action withdraws the pledge closing the channel between sender and receiver. All pledges and distribution are fully transparent and trackable in the back office. Pledges cannot be withdrawn until reaching Step 5, except in special circumstances. This is to protect the individual and keep them qualified for more pledges. The software will automatically take from earned pledges to promote to Rank 3 in the 30 Pair Tree and 300 to promote to the 300 Pair Tree. If the individual has one Team / Pool Point, the system will additionally promote to Rank 5 in the 30 Pair Tree when earned pledges are sufficient. ALL Pledge Points including optional pledges are derived from the sale of products. Pledge Points are often called Mall Points.

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