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This video is for example purposes only to demonstrate the mathematical properties of the WeSharePledges program and how to use the calculator.

There is no guarantee of pledges. Pledges received will depend on your effort and the efforts of others. This calculator is only to demonstrate the pledge distribution in the hypothetical examples provided. The examples are just that, examples.

Each individual has a 2 by 7 structure assigned to them on purchase of a product or service. Prior to purchase they have no structure, nor are they in anyone else structure. The first Seven Floors are your entire organization. You and others fill this structure with sales over time. The number per Floor is shown starting at 2, then 4, then 8, 16, 32, 64, 128. Your job is to fill those 254 positions over time to maximize your pledges.

The Pledge per Floor show the total amount you pledge each Floor.

The pledges are broken into small steps with generally three pledges per Floor. The total by Floor Primary shows the total potential pledges for each Floor that any one individual can receive.

The total by Floor Secondary shows the total potential matching pledges for each Floor that any one individual can receive from their children or grandchildren. Children are personal sales and grandchildren are sales made by your children. The Secondary column is 0 because the calculator shows no children or grandchildren. If we add one child, notice the secondary column is now half of the Primary column. Press the blue update button to recalculate the numbers. If your child makes a sale, you now have a child and grandchild you receive pledges from, and your matching pledges are equal to your personal sale potential.

It is very important to understand this process, because you receive 50% of the pledges paid to your children and grandchildren. How many children and grandchildren do you want to receive from? Note: You do not receive matches from the first Floor.

The Total Potential is the amount possible based on the numbers of children and grandchildren you have entered into the calculator.

The Bonus Pool shows the maximum potential pledges paid to the pool. Notice that as you receive the higher amounts from the higher Floors, a larger share is pledged to the pools. The Bonus Pools represent over 30% of the pledges and are paid to individuals creating the most pool points during a contest. There is a separate video on pool points. Basically for each two children and four grandchildren you receive one pool point. Pool points are important, because the determine how many Floors you can be paid. Notice in this example with one child and grandchild, you are only paid two Floors with a maximum potential of 138 Pledge Points.

If you meet the first pool point requirement of two children and four grandchildren, notice your pledges can pay three Floors for a total of 1,112 Pledge Points. Or almost ten times more pledges.

If you create two pool points with four children and eight grandchildren, notice your pledges can pay four Floors for a total of 7,368 Pledge Points.

If you create three pool points with six children and twelve grandchildren, notice your pledges can pay five Floors for a total of 39,311 Pledge Points.

Keep in mind, though you are increasing your children and grandchildren, the numbers in the chart are all based on everyone else only getting two each for the entire matrix.

Another thing to understand is this is NOT multilevel marketing. Only THREE people are pledged for each step up. And they directly receive from ONE purchaser. There are no 5% per level as in a multilevel program. Everything is pledged directly from one giver to three recipients.

If you create four pool points with eight children and sixteen grandchildren, notice your pledges can pay six Floors for a total of 189,833 Pledge Points.

Notice this is just the $30 eBook program and there is no limit on the number of children and grandchildren you can create.

If you select Phase2, which is the potential for the sales of Patents in a similar 2 by 7 pair tree, the pledges are 10 times the eBook pledges.

And if you select Phase3 you can see the maximum potential with both programs when everyone makes two sales, and you make ten and your children combined make 20 sales. Notice almost 38% is in the Bonus Pool to pledge to new top performers.

It is unreasonable to assume, anyone will create the number of pledges shown; however, when you combine the total program along with future projects, even if you only make a small percentage of pledges, it will more than likely be significant compared to your one time purchase of the eBook and or the Patent.

Visit the calculator and enter the numbers you believe are realistic for your abilities and circumstances.

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